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H  A  W  A  I  I  A  N   F  L  A  G  

Pohoiki Surf Kanaka Maoli Hawaiian Flag

The Kanaka Maoli flag has green, red, yellow stripes. the
green in the flag represents the maka‘ainana (commoner)
caste, the land and goodness; the red represents the
landed konohiki who served the ali‘i, genealogy and
strength; and the yellow represents the ali‘i, spirituality
and alertness to danger.

At the center of the flag is a green shield bearing a coat of
arms of the kanaka maoli, a royal Kahili in is in front of two
crossed pointed paddles that represent the voyaging
history of Hawaiians.

This flag seeks to restore the independent Hawaiian
nation it represents who we are as a people and a nation.

Pohoiki Surf Hawaiian Flag

The flag of the Kingdom of Hawaii designed prior to 1816
for King Kamehameha I. It served as the flag of the

It consist of eight horizontal strips (representing the eight
islands) white, red, and blue, beginning with the top, with
the British Union Jack in the upper left corner. The Union
Jack might have been included out of consideration for
Vancouver who gave the islands their first flag when King
Kamehameha I placed the islands under the protection of
Great Britain. Today the State constitution makes it the
official flag of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.  

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