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Isaac Frazer

Eh no more pictures of me and Ricky and Alden...nah. I like it...sick...i will give you some shots soon. I may put  it on CD...more easy...shoots...see you down


Right on sick site. Keep up the roots good messages.



Mahalos fo da Pixs hit me up anytime....cheee!!


Aloha Keoni,
Just want to say thank you for a "beautiful" website. I must say, everyone that was raised and enjoyed this park in our younger days must feel a sense of appreciation in all your effort. Living in the mainland, gives one a sense of "appreciation" and "gratefulness" in the beauty of our "hometown." Thank you Jesus for "blessing" Keoni with a "special gift" May God continue to "bless" you to "bless" others all over the world. Aloha Ke Akua!

Great Job!!!
I like the fact that this is the first website i've seen for Locals and it's even better cuz all da boys get to see all da krip waves online.. we jus bros, and now ur pics make us feel like pros!!
c-u in da watah!!  PUNA!!!!

Kalua Ohana

This is Aunty Denise (Jared and Jesse's mom). Just got notified of this site and thought I'd log on to see pictures of home.



Back in July we were down there for my going away lunch and it was mentioned you had taken some pics of Jared. Take care and keep up the great work on this site..

U guys should take moa pictures....i like be on top.

Louie Perry

MAHALOZ! Hey your website iz "SMOOTH"!!!  

So much mahaloz fo adding my webpage fo me.  Da picchah
wit me on da log and da honu an fish above me is "SOLID"!  

Steve Hirakami

It has always been a vision of mine to create a nice swimming/fishing area for keiki on the north side of the community park. When they close off the road, it can be transformed into a beautiful area that is safe and lures people away from the boat launch. It should be designed with good ocean water flow with a channel coming in from the north side
and one exiting the south side. To do things right, it might need a little more than human labor, possibly minimal machinery work. Millions of cubic yards of sand have and are being
produced by Pele. The sand could be relocated to line the newly constructed beach. Or the next time they dredge Hilo bayfront, they could requisition the sand to be trucked to
Pohoiki. Just some thoughts.



Wow  I  love pohoiki  my  dad nathan  keliikuli  have been  take me to  pohoiki ever since I
was  1 and know im 11  pohoiki is my home.




Sup keoni sick da pictures I think you need
more of me.



Aloha Keoni! I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an awesome job on the website! Great photos!!! I love how you have it layed out. The Rulez are so funny! Keep up the good work , thanks! here's a couple photos for u to look at.
Peace and love, Mary

PS I gotta get in on the Pohoiki chicks page! hahaa
(but your camera take more bettah pictures!~)


Aloha Keoni,
Mahalo for your reply.  I look forward to  pictures of Nikki. By the way, great pictures
of everyone.



Hey man sick site!

Starsha Young


Website ROCKS! This sit is soooo great!  What a wonderful Job you have done, Mahalo for all you have done to keep Pohoiki Local, Love my photo's even the surfing
one. See ya Soon, OH Yea I want to buy some shirts for Christmas. Aloha!


Thanks for the pics keoni. Hey you should come down with Hui Haumana na me a kane on Friday we go down to go surfing,spear fishing,and just to swim.

I just wanted to email you to tell you what a wonderful job you've done with your website. "" is da bomb! I stayed on there for a long time reading about my hometown. The one about the rockwall is my favorite, I remember seeing that wall when I was young...before all the bushes grew big... but forgot all about it until I was reading about it and I started getting flashbacks. Right on, it's nice being home after all these years and it's so amazing  to see the Puna Peeps representing our Stomping Grounds!


Thank You,  On the real tho, I am honored to be on your site and keep up the good work love! Take Care and God Bless



Aloha Keoni,
I just wanted to let you know that you are doing an awesome job!  When you are in the position to help people, when your voice can be heard by many it's what you say that makes all the difference or rather what you do!!  So I want to thank you for the positive impact you've already made and will continue to make.  

I would love to help in any way that I can... I'm not sure what I would do yet, but I would love to get together sometime and talk about your goals for the website and your films.  I'm
thinking we need to get some sponsors on board and raise awareness to keep the Aina clean and start taking care of our community.  I have many ideas and goals that I am passionate
about, and it's all starting to take shape.  The more people unite and take care of eachother the better we survive the failing "system".


Bob Marley said so many things about all that, prophets like Bob have told us what to do, it's time we listen and start working toward the common goal of Peace!  If there is anything I can do to help let me know, or if you are interested in hearing some of my concerns or ideas that would be cool. We could throw some ideas back and forth?
Just a thought!

Aloha, my husband is a lawyer, although we are not from here we have four kids born here and I have surfed Pohoiki since teenager, we would like to help when needed let us know!

My wife and I moved here 2-3 years ago from the mainland.I surf Pohoiki sometimes when it's flat at Honolii. I just want to say what a great website and what a great service you are doing for your people and local culture. I love the historical information
and old photo's. There are not many places left like Pohoiki and what is left must be preserved for the future.

Hawaii is truly a special place and I feel blessed to be able to live here. Keep up the good work!


Sup Keoni,
Your site is great. I met you today there. Thanks for doing this. Now we need a web cam.
I'm sending the site to all surf friends on Right Coast of mainland. I need to p/u some tees.


Luv it, I appreciate you for making this site.  Pohoiki deserves the best, and you're doing a super job! Wat? Secrets?:)(:


Saying whats up...aaah right on Keoni dis is wills love the website man, keep it up

I wanted to tell you  thank you.  I really like this picture.

Pohoiki is awesome !?!?!? I love 1st bay and shacks


Bobby Black

Aloha boys, rite on fo da pohoiki maddness, da site is killa! just what da underground need, some world wide exposure. How i get one pohoiki surf mag? Take kea ma braddas, god bless. alohas

Kahu... what up



Hey whats up pohoiki surf i love to surf and swim every day Lil mama This web is so Hawaiian body boarding.



Next time the waves are bombing catch us getting
tubed at reef

Pure Aloha,

I was fortunate to have a bud who lives over in pohoiki area who brought me and my lady down to your beach paradise, the waves were 3ft and clean, and the vibe in
da water was with much aloha,,,thank you much for sharing and preserving the aloha spirit and magic of your beach with my wife and I. I respect that very
much...Richard Bray, Ventura, Ca

Hey Keoni,
I just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing with the website. Thank you for making the memorial page. I wasn't able to make it to Chris's memorial so seeing the pictures was very emotional, sad yet beautiful at the same time. Thank you. Cool old
picture of Pohoiki Bay. I cant wait to get in the water, I've been in the mainland for a couple weeks....Aloha....See you....PEace and Love...


Stoked!!! MAHALO, I received the sticker, it's going on my van!


Not to dis the web site, I do luv it...



Oh like this this is sick:)

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