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K  U  A   O   K  A  L  A   C  H  A  R  T  E  R    S  C  H  O  O  L

Pohoiki Surf - Kua O ka La Sign

Kua O Ka La has adopted the concept of `Ke Ala Pono – The Right Path to describe our goal of nurturing and developing our youth. We believe that every individual has a unique potential and that it is our responsibility to help our students learn to work together within the local community to create a future that is pono – right.

Pohoiki Surf Kua O Ka La agriculture class students

To provide students of the Puna and Hilo communities with
a quality education that addresses their distinctive learning styles in
order to enable them to become contributing members of society.

Pohoiki Surf Kua O Ka La wood class students

Kua O Ka La is located at Pu`ala`a, Puna, next to Ahalanui warm pond.
Pu`ala`a is an intact ancient Hawaiian village complete with historical sites, fishponds, and native habitat that affords an ideal outdoor learning environment for our project-based curriculum.

Pohoiki Surf Kua o ka la rock path
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