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W I P E O U T 

H A L L    O F     S H A M E 

Pounded on the reef and u stand up and your really on the reef

Loose yur board and getting saved by a chick

Vomiting in da water cause u out of shape

Loosing your board and watching it hit the reef

Dipping a wave and getting pushed back to where u ended yur last wave.

Everyone catches a wave and your still out with no wave

U make like u can read the ocean paddling over a wave like there is a set behind it and when u do
it's flat like a lake

Paddling so hard for a wave u make more splashes then eva and u still no catch the wave.

A girl sprays u

Tangled in your leash

When it's raining at evening session freezing saying to yur self I should have used my jersey

Trying to catch a wave and bust a move with cramp in yur leg

Getting scared of a turtle or manta ray popping up thinking it's a shark

Catching a wave in and shore brake it pounds on the rocks and sand in front of everyone

Waves are so small that u end up paddle yourself all the way in

A set comes in and u make like it's the sets fault that u can't catch um

Yur own board hit u on yur head

Landing on someone u don't know

Getting sprayed


Every hour you catch one wave because too many people out

Shame that yur board no look as nice how u first bought um small kine duck tape, ding, crease,
bubbles under the board, board was white now yellow brown.  

Paddling out on a small day and thinking if it was really worth it

Getting so tired of dipping sets and waves that u just want to turn around and head in shore

Getting in the ocean and thinking it's more rough in the water then it looked on shore

Getting yelled at in the water by on uncle

Getting a evil maka's look by people saying to themselves not another one adding to the already
crowded ocean  

Loosing yur fins on a big day and getting pounded by the waves

When u try spray by hitting the lip with all your might... and your spray is no bigger then a foot

Yur shorts ripping or falling off as u tumble in white wash

Held under the water so long that people wait to make sure you come up alive

Walking on hawaiian a'a rocks and the reef making like no hurt... but hurt

U stay out in the ocean so late that it's almost night time and hoping an aloha wave takes u in
before the sharks come out

U hear someone calling yur name to come in and u look and it's yur mom

You hesitate to catch a wave and last minute u try to cop out but the wave sucks u up and gives u
good lickens

Yur friend tells u he's coming in on the next wave, so u head in. An hour later he's still out in the

Paddling for a wave everyone backs off and then u slip off yur board

Girls catching more waves then u

The waves are so big and stormy u catch two or three and head in

When yur so hungry and u no moa money to buy food so start eating the guava's, coconuts,
mangos and da papayas growing on the side of the road.




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