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W I P E O U T 

S U R F    S T O R I E S

Allan Prado
ho me and my friends Dayton Kiko,Weston Silva was at shacks on a choppy day at 6:30 and the
current wen pull us all da way by dead trees den these surfers came in held us, lucky ting they came
cuz i thought we was goin maki

hooooooooo cuz i was surfing bolz one day and dis kannakaah,he whencut me off and send me into the rocks inside

wen zip right by dat bugga yeee PUNA bowls bout fo ride wen ulu boi caught um mo deep and
Ho cuz u and dayton no can handle?? haha i was at

Bruh dis  haole when cut me off n i wen almost drown cuz mai leash
wen wrap around da rocks but one "HOT" local boi wen save me (LOL) I thought i was
going Die







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