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U  N  C  L  E   H  A  L  E

Uncle Hale had eight siblings. Five boys and three girls. He was the fifth child born to 

Iassac Kepookalani Hale and Hannah Hana Kawaiaea. 

Uncle Hale was born at the Hale house in Pohoiki and lived their almost his entire life. 

His sister, Rhoda Sanders, said he was quiet, yet mishevious, but was a good boy. When 

he was eleven years old, he stayed with his Dad at the Hale house, also known as the "Red House".

Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale

April 29, 1919 - January 5, 2004

Uncle Hale went to 'Opihikao school until eight years old.

Later in life Uncle Hale moved to Honolulu and stayed with his younger brother, Kapukini and both worked as longshoreman. After moving to Honolulu he worked as a longshoreman for a short time before volunteering for military service. 

While living at Pohoiki he was a stone setter and helped to build the stonewall along the road side at Ahalanui Park and later worked at a papaya farm owned by his niece's husband. He was a great fisherman, story teller and net maker. Uncle did not swing or surf. He said when he was young there was work to do helping the ohana on the aina, gather food source, repairing fishing nets, etc. There was no time to play. Such things was considered "idle work".

Uncle liked to tell stories, and read alot. He enjoyed reading national geographic and learned so much about places and culture in other parts of the world. He always kept up with current events by reading the newspaper and listening to the news. When I was a young girl, I remember seeing him read the encyclopedia whenever he visited. Uncle Hale was also a funny person. He would kick out of teasing and making fun of people. He often gave then nicknames to describe their character or personalities. But all in good fun.


Uncle Hale always thought of the younger generation. He felt Pohoiki was a healing place for troubled teens. He opened his home to many teenagers going through challenges in their lives and also to people who made their way to Puna and had nowhere to go. He also allowed people to picnic on the grassy area. 

For our family, Pohoiki is special place it's our roots. We are tied to the land as an unborn is to its mother. 

Mahalo nui, 


Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale


The house was probably built by Rycroft who had the coffee mill just above the Hale house. When I was a child, I remeber the house being a light 

blue in color. However, when I spoke to one of my brothers and a sister, they don't remember seeing it that color. I stand by what I say. Later, my dad, Uncle Hale, and my brothers painted the house red with paint my father had acquired from his work place. I has since been that color and the color the family liked. 

Before you could drive a car pass Uncle Hales house up to where the road narrowed into the current trail leads to the warm pond. The back side of Uncle Hale house was used to repair canoes. 

Issac Hale park was named after Uncle Hales younger brother, Isaac Kepookalani Hale.

Some of the known first surfers in Puna: 


Pedro Ka'awaloa

Elias Kuamo'o
Larry Kuamo'o
Kimo Peleiholani

Joe Enriquez
Bird Enriquez
Harol Aion


Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale
Pohoiki Surf Coffee Mill
Pohoiki Surf Coffee Mill


Formerly owned by Rycorft and later purchased by Ola'a Sugar Plantation. In earlier times, a church was constructed in the area of the old pavilion. During

Uncle Hale's time, church services were held at the coffee mill, above the Hale house.

Pohoiki Surf Train


The Harbor was used for shipping out wood pins for the railroad tracks. The jail house was purchased by the Kuamo'o ohana. The house which overlooked 2nd bay was recently burned to the ground.

Pohoiki Surf Warm Pond


This pond was dug by Uncle Hale, his brother Isaac Kepookalani, and a few others apart of a business venture by a Japanese developer.

Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale Weed Eating
Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale Home


`O Puna o ke Kai Köloa
Puna of the Roaring Sea

Written By: Hana Pau 

English Translation


Puna, of the roaring sea

heard throughout the pandanus groves
carrying its sweet scent

to the pali wet with seaspray.


Puna is dizzy with fragrance.

In the uplands is the magnificent one.
Majestic mountain with its summit


peering through the clouds.

Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale in pond
Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale

Hawaiian Translation

O Puna ia o ke kai köloa 

i ka ulu hala

i hali i te `ala

i nä pali pulu i te `ehu ë    Niniu Puna pö i te `ala

I uka ka hanohano

Mauna ki`eki`e ka wëkiu

kï`ei i ke ao ë

Pohoiki Surf Uncle Hale wih Ohana

Mahalo to  Uncle Hale for all the special times and aloha you shared with the community over the years. May your ohana continue your legacy of the Hawaiian culture. Ahui Hou!

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